Holiday Dental Tips to Consider This Season

We are well into the holiday season.  One thing that most of us do during this time is indulge in sweets and rich foods. While these delicacies are great for our taste buds,  they may not have the best effect on our overall oral health.  Here are some holiday dental tips to consider as you […]

Dental Health Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Many of you probably have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop at the top of your wishlist for this holiday season.  Here are some cool dental health apps that you can download onto your new toys that will assist you in maintaining your oral health! Cleaning Your Teeth: This app available in the iTunes App store […]

Nashville Dentist on Great Dental Stocking Stuffers for Kids This Season

It’s the season of giving, and many of us have already started looking for gifts for the children in our lives.  It’s usually not hard to find larger items for children, because they are more than likely very vocal about what they want.  However, stocking stuffers for kids can be a bit more tricky.  Why […]

Naturally Brightening Your Smile

Everyone wants to achieve a megawatt smile.  However, many people would prefer to achieve their desired smile without chemical treatments.  Here are some tips on how to take care of your pearly whites and put your best grin forward: 1.  Brush your teeth after drinking or eating.  Brushing your teeth after you eat or drink […]

Experience the Difference

Here at Music City Dental, we want each of our patients to experience the difference at our blissful, art-inspired Nashville dental office designed specifically to individualize patient visits. Our team strives to ensure a high level of comfort and convenience during each dental visit providing exceptional hospitality, cutting edge technology, and flexible hours.  We believe […]