Patient Comfort

Injection Pain

If you are the type of person who is afraid of needles or is apprehensive about dental injections, Music City Dental (MCD) in Nashville, TN is the right place for you! At MCD, we use a new technology called the DentalVibe® as part of our Comfort Process to make injection pain a thing of the past.  In fact, we want to drastically reduce – and whenever possible – completely eliminate any pain felt during dental injections.

What is the MCD Comfort Process?

Step 1: High-Strength Numbing Gel

We use a high-strength topical gel that provides profound numbing of the gums where an injection will be administered. This gel is made of 20% Benzocaine, and it is applied before an injection is given to help eliminate any initial “pinch” that might otherwise be felt from the point of the needle.

Step 2: Warmed Anesthetic

Music City Dental has invested in technology specifically designed to bring anesthetic solution to body temperature just before an injection. When normal room-temperature shots are given, the body tends to amplify the pain felt from the colder anesthetic being pushed into the gums. Warming the anesthetic can significantly reduce this discomfort, so this step in our injection comfort system has been shown to decrease instances of pain felt when receiving a shot.

Step 3: Our High-Tech Secret Weapon

A revolutionary new technology called the DentalVibe is the secret weapon of our MCD Comfort Process.  DentalVibe, is a high-tech device that provides soothing vibrations to the gums during an injection. When we use the DentalVibe device, patients don’t even realize that they’ve received shots! How does it work? Vibration signals travel to the brain faster than pain signals do, so DentalVibe’s vibrations reach the brain first and essentially block the sensation of pain from ever being felt. The result is astounding to most patients, but especially those who have always felt fearful of dental injections. When we use DentalVibe, patients are amazed and truly thankful for the amount of comfort they feel during injections.

When we take care of you and your smile, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way.

Gentle Dental Services in Nashville

Dentistry with a Gentle Female Touch

The only way to provide excellent care and a wonderful patient experience is with a soft touch. We like to think of it as providing dentistry with a ‘feminine touch’ and take this very seriously.  We go above and beyond to make sure our Nashville dental patients are comfortable.

If at any point, you feel nervous about or even afraid of dental treatment, you’re not alone. It’s actually quite common. Our goal is to always provide compassionate, gentle dental care.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry provides safe, comfortable dental treatment for patients with special needs. Sometimes called relaxation dentistry, sedation dentistry is a method of managing pain and anxiety during professional dental care through the use of medication.  Your comfort and safety are both of utmost concern to us.

You can benefit from sedation dentistry if you experience one or more of the following:

  • High fear of dental care
  • Complex dental problems
  • Traumatic dental experiences
  • Fear of needles and shots
  • Trouble getting numb
  • Sensitive teeth

The two most common types of sedation dentistry are:

  1. 1.   Oral Conscious Sedation
  2. 2.   Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation

Through this type of sedation you will experience very deep relaxation while still being conscious. Your doctor will provide you with an oral medication that is easy to swallow, safe, and low cost. Most adults will receive Halcion (triazolam). When the medication takes effect, you will be able to speak and respond to external requests.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Inhalation sedation uses Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas) to help your body achieve a relaxed state. This is the most popular form of sedation used in dentistry today.

From our Nashville dental office, we offer both Oral Conscious Sedation (adults only) and Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Dr. Spurlin is certified in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Licensed in Oral Conscious Sedation. If you feel like you can benefit from sedation dentistry, please call us at 615-953-2469 or email us here.