Nashville Dentist Hosts Inaugural Halloween Candy Buyback Program

Dr. Terry Spurlin and the staff of Music City Dental are proud to introduce the Halloween Candy Buyback program to Music City Dental patients and the Nashville community. Starting on November 1st, Dr. Spurlin will begin taking donations of surplus candy leftover from the Halloween holiday, and in return she will give each participant $1 for every pound of candy that they bring in to the Berry Hill offices. Music City Dental will collect candy through Friday, November 8th. The candy collected will be donated to the children of the Salvation Army Community Center.

Dr. Spurlin decided to take part in this effort in order to educate students about the importance of becoming global citizens, and the significance of giving back to their respective communities, the country, and the world. “My goal is to provide an outlet that will allow children to give selflessly to others,” said Dr. Spurlin.

“Many children are unsure about how they can give back to their community. They associate service with adult responsibilities. I want to let them know that anytime you give selflessly, you are serving those locally, nationally and internationally. I am grateful for an organization such as the Salvation Army for providing children with the opportunity to serve others,” added Dr. Spurlin.

The Salvation Army is a not for profit organization established in the 19th century with the purpose of uplifting the communities that they are based in. The Salvation Army focuses their efforts on eradicating poverty and hunger along with providing disaster relief, rehabilitation centers, anti-human trafficking efforts, and numerous programs targeting children. Since it began, the Salvation Army, which is based on Christian values, has grown immensely, with 7,546 centers nationwide.

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