Miss America Did It and So Can You! The Health Benefits of Smiling

This past Sunday as I watched the annual Miss America Pageant, I couldn’t help but notice the smiles of the many young women as they competed for the coveted crown. I have to admit that seeing their smiles throughout the talent portion and as they graced the stage, brought a smile to my face. And of course when Nina Davuluri was crowned at the end, her huge smile indicated her satisfaction with achieving her goal after years of hard work toward the crown.

Though many of us watched the pageant, and did not give their smiles a second thought, there are health benefits to smiling often, so let’s take some notes from these accomplished young ladies.

When you smile, endorphins are released. Endorphins are what give us an internally happy feeling and they help to lower our stress levels overall and reduce pain. So, If you haven’t smiled already today, go ahead and do it. It’s good for your health!

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