Nashville Dentist Weighs in on the Effects of Beverages on Your Teeth

We all have beverages of choice that we gravitate toward throughout different time periods of the day.  During your morning workout you drink a sports drink, and afterward you might get your cappuccino fix at your local coffee shop, or maybe you prefer black tea with Splenda. During lunch you have a glass of fruit juice to compliment your sushi, and in the afternoon you might drink a caffeinated soda to spike your energy at work.  At dinner perhaps you paired that steak you grilled with your favorite red wine.  As you can see, you consume various beverages over the course of the day, many of which can affect your teeth over time.  Take a glance at some of the ways that your favorite drinks can impact your smile.


Nashville Dentist Acidic Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks:  These drinks are commonly used to re-hydrate during and after exercise. Surprisingly, many of these drinks are highly acidic and high in sugar content.


Acid drink nashville dental health

Coffee and Tea:  Tannic acid in coffee and tea give these beverages their color, but this also gets into the grooves of your tooth enamel and can stain your teeth brown.



Dental Health NashvilleSoda: The citric and phosphoric acids found in sodas are corrosive to the teeth and erode tooth enamel.



Nashville, TN dental healthJuice:  Check the label before you buy.  Many juices contain a high amount of sugar.  If you consume these beverages, make sure you rinse your mouth out with water soon after.



Wine Dental Health Nashville, TN

Wine: Like coffee and tea, red wine contains tannins which can stain the enamel of your teeth.



As you can see, many of our favorite drinks are high in sugar and very acidic, which can cause wear and tear on our smiles.  In order to prevent and reduce the amount of damage associated with the consumption of these beverages, remember to  rinse your mouth out with water after consuming drinks that are high in sugar and darker drinks in order to remove the sugar and coloring off of the surface of your teeth. Additionally, avoid drinks that are high in acid, these beverages erode your tooth enamel, and enamel is irreplaceable.

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