Back to School Dental Care Tips

Back to School Health Tips from Music City Dental - Nashville, TNIt’s that joyous time of the year for parents – BACK TO SCHOOL! While you’re kids are selecting their back to school supplies at the store, you probably have a million other things occupying your mind that need attention. Here at Music City Dental, we’re here to help you out by offering some tips on keeping your children’s smiles healthy.

1)    Pack a healthy lunch – The foods we eat greatly affect our dental health. Pack fresh vegetables and fruits for a vitamin-rich energy supply. Make sure the lunch has protein-intense foods, as that will help cut down the cravings for sugary foods and drinks. Cheese, including Swiss and cheddar, are especially good for your child’s teeth because they neutralize acids and help protect teeth. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas, as they are acidic and erode tooth enamel.

2)    Let your children pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste – By involving your children in this process, it will excite them to brush their teeth and hopefully encourage them to brush on their own. Make sure that the toothbrush they select has soft bristles and is also the correct size for them. You may have to experiment with toothpaste flavors—mint is generally too strong for children.

3)    Make sure your children wear a sports mouth guard – Sports classes are a fundamental part of school. It’s important that your child wears a mouth guard when participating in a sports activity to protect their teeth against damage. Customized mouth guards can be purchased at Music City Dental, so get one as soon as possible so your child is ready to play safely when they return to school.

4)    Schedule regular dentist appointments with Music City Dental – We recommend your child visits us to get her or his teeth cleaned every 6 months. Keeping up on teeth cleaning is much easier—and less costly—than having to fix dental problems down the line. Regular dentist appointments keep parents and children aware of their dental health, and they are less likely to develop cavities and dental-related illnesses.

To start the school year off right with a healthy, happy smile, call Music City Dental at 615-953-2469 to schedule a dental cleaning in Nashville, TN.


  1. It’s so refreshing to find a dentist that cares! My daughter’s tooth was hurting badly and we went in as an Emergency. The front office was super sweet and understanding and was able to see Dr. within 30 mins. She was literally in tears walking in and walked out feeling a million times better. Tooth all fixed up. Thank you!!

  2. This is some really good information about taking care of your teeth. I like that you talked about how it would be smart to try to visit the dentist every six months. It is good to know that doing so will help you prevent damage to your teeth going unnoticed.

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